You dont believe in Big Foot, but in UFOs???

Rap God

I feel like im becoming a rap god Rap God by Eminem I’m not sure if it would be blocked on youtube in your country so I’m serving the video on my site, hoping you will be able to see it here..   peace in the middle east ya filthy...


my quest to give my friend and soul mate Kristie Uhl something to listen to instead of the things I was working on with Rude Dog de Pareblu con carne y arroz mechia markoh vavoso pendejo frito ole!   I had mixed before but not digital  and not with 6...

Finally Free

I had decided that i would simply make music and not even think about the structures or tforms in the first year of doing this.  Is there any better way to test the limits or push the boundry than to not know what they are?  I was trying to help...

Sandpointe Park LP


First all new project I’ve started since beginning of kk mix dj project a while back.  this one is now ready for the next stage… vocals.  

Return to Crazytown

These have all been put out here or on Soundcloud over the past year, the art was done about a year ago too, right round the time I found myself at talking to the rude dog again.. hence the title… and the artwork. I put in a clip of he...

David Champion – Full Album

What is in a name?  Identify yourself with one, or label something with another. Names define the objects the people, the places, emotions. David Champion. On the surface a very bold statement.  Am I? Will I be?  Can it be so? Of what? It is said that to be something...

Metatron is here in this post

U know I dont use headphones right? Virtual DJ can make it so easy to match bpm and beats that I would feel a little like a cheater if I was cueing up. I like to punch it in, match it and pitch in the mix. That way I'm not gonna be showin like I'm a real DJ. Cuz I'm not, Continue reading

Ghettohio – Return to Crazy Town

Tin soldiers and Nixon’s coming, We’re finally on our own. This summer I hear the drumming,Four dead in Ohio     This is the first track that will be for the next released set of songs, Return to Crazy Town   Shout out to Rude Dog Demonico  

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