Metatron is here in this post

Metatron can be anyplace and the sacred geometric shape that bears his name is a part of everything.  Not sure I intended it, I recently saw the corollary between my AV digital logo and the geometric patterns of Metatron’s Cube.  I was gonna do an image pretty much like the one right here to use on Facebook profile image, but was lazy and uploaded only the cube.  My man jeremy S.  almost immediately chimed in, asking if I was Metatron now or something?  I said of course, of course.  And that baby turned out to be you! The end.

Okie dokie… this one is rough edit, because I think I might run it thru mixcraft and do a little bit of editing to it.  Trim off the horrible start but keep most of the rest.  There is maybe 2 additional cuts I might want to make to move the mix along, but for additions, I might do a couple sound effects but will definetly overdub the Rakim – I know you got Soul part to get the lyrics up.  Also fade the end a little earlier than I stopped it while doing the set.

U know I dont use headphones right? Virtual DJ can make it so easy to match bpm and beats that I would feel a little like a cheater if I was cueing up.  I like to punch it in, match it and pitch in the mix.  That way I’m not gonna be showin like I’m a real DJ.  Cuz I’m not,  I mix, but DJ’s move the crowd.  I got no crowds to move.. just my head bobbin..  please excuse the parts where I loose the beat… I get them back pretty quick now a days…   Let me know what you think of it.

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