What will 2013 be like?

In Dec of this year, the Myan calendar comes to the end of the Long count.  What will become of the world when this comes to pass?  It’s been said that the world has already seen this happen before and that the cycle is being renewed when the calendar runs out of time.  Could this be true? If our world ceased to exist and only the randomly chosen survivors were left to fend for themselves and to pass on the knowledge they have to ensure the future generations can live as we did, do you think we would be successful?

The Egyptians, they built unfathomable structures that were based on mathematical equations that were not understood by civilizations centuries later.  The precision of astronomical calculations alone are astounding coming from a people that allegedly didn’t have electricity (yet show them in the glyphs as clear as day).

Maybe they did know much more than we think and could only pass on what little the survivors could at the end of last long count?  we shall soon find out?

I did this concept art for a music project that probably won’t ever be completed.  Lost to the cantankerousness of ego.

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