Hot August Night

Neil Diamond CoverOne of my favorite LP’s in my collection is Neil Diamond’s Hot August Night.  If you’ve never seen the cover  take a minute to gaze at them now and then come back, i’ll wait…


That is the same Neil Diamond that your parents probably think of as their parents music.  He at one point was a indian patchwork accent denim jumpsuit wearin type of RockStar center stage with his hands strokin his huge air-cock in LA at the Greek Theatre on a HOT AUGUST NIGHT!  Ladies were throwin the panties up there for him and wanting to suck him off he was so fierce!


Those young nubile vixens lining up around his door backstage for a shot at swallowing his spooge or getting it on her hair were you grandma!  can you imagine your grandma doing that? It’s hard right? Just about the hardest thing right?  Almost as hard as his air boner and you don’t think he was going to  have to relieve the stiffness somehow right?  Besides she probably was an old pro at it and really she could probably let you in on some insights on getting better when its your turn if you just ask her!

I’m like grandma in a lot of ways.. well not in the sucking shlong department but in laptop repairs and mixing music, I have an expertise that is really something.  I’ve spent the past couple of months mixing up to 6 tunes on my turntables as a way to practice and get really really skilled at the process of mixing in a short span of time.  The KK mix is an on going project to get me the time on the 1’s and 2’s and this week’s installment is pretty darn good, and moving along nicely. you can hear it here, or check out my post for it.

For the laptop repair part of my grandma-esque ability, I have pulled apart many a board, trying all the things that people say that I shouldn’t I’ve repaired some stuff when other people said I can’t.  They had given up, I would try again, and time and again I’ve gotten better and more adept at breathing life back into dilapidated ole jalopy style laptops and PC’s.  Then today came,,,  and like Neil Diamond and your Gan Gan, it was a Hot August Night, and it was good!

I’m so used to getting laptops that don’t turn on and having to figure out why, fixing it and then seeing whats wrong or missing that is stopping it from working, but today I got a breather from that and it was a little small version of my ole trusty l505d GS-6000.


It was  a friend of mine that brought it by for his girlfriend, he told me that if I could take a look at it he would really appreciate it.  Of course I would but I asked him what was wrong with it.  Expecting the worst, I was surprised to hear that it was simply getting hot at times.  He had the charger with it so I assumed the battery was toast.  Nope, it came right up when I pressed the power button.  I formulated my hypothesis.  It was obviously a dirty fan so I’d have to tear it down and get that blown out at least, let alone perhaps reflowing the video chip to get the monitor to display again instead of the external… but nope.  It all worked still.  Then I realized that this laptop was built just like my 505 so even though I had to remove  some screws, this was not a dv9000 2 hour screw removal festival of  twisting drivers.

SO I’m going to do a simple fan clear out and thought, hey, while I’m down there..  how bout some thermal paste on the chips and see what the GPU is hanging out with these days on this this model.  I got some copper, laying around here somewhere…

I told the guy 3 hours and then come back by to pick  up.  Off he went, probably to get some Neil Diamond action form his girl.. that Jessie, he is so lucky, what’s he got that I ain’t got? I see her watching him with those eyes, and she’s loving him with that body I just know it! You know? I wish that I had … oh wait… I feel like im in some 70’s love triangle song…. lol

Step 1 gently take the screwdriver and…

I screwed off the back, then turned it over opened the lid and removed a couple more screws below the keyboard and viola! there is the motherboard, just like 3 screws left!

I got the last couple screws off and then pulled the fan off the mother board.

K so next, step is use some rubbing alcohol to clean the old thermal paste off the copper plate and the chips on the board.  Don’t be an idiot Remy!  Just use the right amount! same goes for the new thermal paste, just use a little dab.

If your not sure how much to put… here is a way to know how much, get two spare parts, a heat sink and a chip you got laying around right there.. that one.. no wait.. that one!! and apply how much thermal paste you think your gonna need on those to see if that is too much by puttng them together and then taking them apart to see the result of them being screwed down on the spare motherboard… what? you say you don’t have any spare heat sinks or CPU chips laying around in the area that your doing this at? WELL.. ahem, do me a favor then will ya? put everything back together and put the laptop away before you hurt yourself… or do something better,  stop working on that good one and go get some you can tear apart and really try things out on for awhile.  There is no substitute for experience and this write up may help you or not in getting your laptop to work better.  That isn’t the point.


I’m putting in a copper shim on this graphics chip for this Toshiba laptop.  It is probably not called for, it may fuck shit up, we don’t know… nobody does,  It will happen or it won’t..  what is “it”?  nobody knows… the point is that by experience, my gut tells me to replace the sponge insert that is covering the GPU like I would if this WERE a HP DV9000.  The laptop came to me due to heating issues.  I had a similar design in my Toshiba L505d GS6000 that went bad from over heating.  I wish I knew then what I know now and I would sill have it working and with the living. Check out the way the heat sink is pulling the hot hot heat from the CPU and channeling it all thru the copper conduit and as it does so, pulls it right over the GPU.  This is the same design flaw that cooked many a HP DV.  Copper Shim.  You can buy them online for a few bucks… but really? some guy is gonna make money cuz I forgot what I learned in basic metal shop class in JR High? nope.   I’ll bend it in my vise grip till have my tiny square shim sized just right .  I heat sink can supply a bunch depending on the design of the heatsink your willing to toss in favor of not being self sufficient.  Thats the point of doing this repair anyways right? not ending up taking your printer back when your Mac doesn’t automatically make it work for you? So there.. my point… pointless, succinct and tenably subtle.

Right about now,  my neighbor and lifetime chum dave’s son came into the garage and I’d agreed to help him out by moding his Xbox 360 controller to add rapid fire.  I’d never done it before but the instructions said mild solderng skills were needed.  I put the laptop aside and did that, it tool about an hour.   Then dave himself came by and we bounced out to his boy’s place to fix a email problem on a Vista PC.. came back home to lukewarm pizza and Des wanting to take her car for a test drive, I’d replaced the tie rods on both sides of the car, the entire assemblies.   Had to jump the car before it would start up… did some work on the design for that local business in my design area .

Yeah… all that in the middle of this job and you know we be doing it every single weekend

After all that, I realized it was close to nine and I’d promised to return the laptop in 3 hours about 6 hours ago… I called to have him come by and get it.. what was I crazy? there it was in pieces like the man who fell to pieces and I told them to come by?  u know why? Experience and sheer audacity.  In proper amounts you can do all types of shit that can afford you latitude when you need it to pull the rabbit from the hat.  Not on big shit mind you.. but something like this.. it can work…

SO I put it all back together and turned it on .. Viola! it still worked.. will it overheat? nobody knows… but I did go thru in safe mode and did a hi-jack this round, clearing out them annoying and cycle sapping BHO’s toolbars and all that.  Did MSCONFIG and right when I was getting that to load, they arrived to pick it up.  I did a quick look and killed the obvious startup’s.  Didn’t get a chance to asses virus protection or the like, but, it wasn’t brought in for speed issues.  It was heat that brought this one in and in end, I think the clearing of the fan’s and the re-applying of thermal paste and the copper shim should dial the thing in for a good long while.

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