KK Mix – The Official Setlist

I’ve been going on and on about KK Mix this and that and it is all fine and dandy, but up till now it was all just loosely bound parchment in a ragged leather scrap I had laying around in the sun

Welcome to the Official Page and the one true way… (follow THAT link!)

To hear all the KK Mix that were made… that were good enough to make the cut… cuz some didn’t that were good or had good sections… these ones had good sections or were good enough that I’m not completely embarrassed…

These are in numerical order from date created and cover the final 8 weeks of KK mix

o.k. enough banter, listen.

[grandmusic playlist=the-kk-mix-uncut-mixes]

oh yeah design too

[flagallery gid=2 name=Gallery]

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