KK Mix Week 13

13 WEEKS,  I think this one is on par with some actual real DJ’s out there… it’s the continuation of paring down the hectic pace of the 6 turntables action I was doing a few weeks back and getting to putting together cohesive sounds.  With the previous hi tempo everything going at once sessions, I had to get really good at catching the beats all in unison.  that was hard and as it got to be more fluid, the thought was to get back down on tempo and sheer number of tracks at one time.  It’s like Neo in the Matrix, it all seems so apparent now… after the KK Mix i’m going to get back to creating beats and bassline cuts like DDD, just the beatz and I C U Wants UM.

I did this one in the morning first thing when I woke up, it’s the second of week 13’s mixes… theme is less cuts, longer jams, more better levels….

Chek it .

[grandmp3 id=189 autoplay=false]

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