KK Mix – Check out week 8 thru 13

13 weeks to fine tune mixing for the old school dj in a digital format

This is the KK mix – 13 weeks to fine tune the mixing skills of a old school dj on the digital media format using Vitual DJ, my music tastes over the last 43 years and a fast internet connection. The KK mix is my progression from being the guy that says.. oh yeah , that guy is a dj.. well I used to dj way back when and I was pretty good at it.. to the guy that says.. yeah, that right there? that’s me mixing that up..

I have had virtual DJ for a while now, but I never really sat down to use it much more than sampling shit just cuz I know a bunch of real dj’s and I respect them. I don’t want to go and try and do something they are already doing themselves.

I started taking Kristie to work a while back and kinda as a way to play something besides my own music on our rides to her work, I started mixing some stuff that was in my radar a little bit… lmafo, kid kudi, david guetta.. but it was small potatoes… just crappy, I didn’t want to play the radio tho so I decided I’d do a crash course in mixing to get good while i’m being kristies ride and being as her lil thing was to type in kk everytime i’d tell her I’m on my way or whatnot, the kk mix was born.. .

kk mix is my route to the final week 13 mixes, they start off really unstructured mixing massive amounts of disparate songs together to see how it all comes out. In the earlier ones, you will hear some combinations start to stand out and be revisited and more structure start as the layers of muck get washed away and clarity becomes the order. I started with 6 turntables all working to make one sound as my first mission, then when I got there, I started culling at the number of tracks… in the ones you will hear on this playlist, the sound should be getting clear and a style emerges with my own tunes as a cue to certain other songs and combos that will come in the mix next. I like the way Rock It by Herbie Hancock matches up with Stipper by Lords of Acid as well as Jam On it, BEP, and a few other choice cuts come together…. you’ll see…

Hope you like the mixes, if not.. .OH WELL… you do it then..

Order of Mixes in the player below…
KK Requested Special edition

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