What’s in the Mix? KK Mix 1 Mixtape

 This comes from about midway thru the sessions, it’s when I wanted to play something to let my son know that I love him… 🙂 cuz Ido.  It’s Utada hikaru Simple and Clean playing over the blend of Hobo Scratch (She’s looking like a Hobo) and Southern Sun by Tiesto at the beginning that really doesn’t jump to it until after the weird thoughts intro and the Simple and Clean song kicks in altering the entire structure of the rhythm.


After that.. I tried to put in Witness Dub by Roots Manuva but I didn’t really did that as much as I thought I would so quick goat thinking I kicked in Jam On It and that sounded good, which somehow led to DDD (dave and des day) by Me behind it… so there I am and not sure how to move on from there so I tried out a few things and Der Kommissar fell right in after DDD ended.

Wanted to put another of my beats on.. so Iput on Just the Beatz and that went okay.. not smashing, but okay… I realized that the off tempo accent should have been a flange instead of a kick on it..  O I guess right about at All You Ever Need by Trinere, Des walked in the garage and we had to take off somewhere right then… or some shit like that.. so I cut it…

[jwplayer mediaid=”221″]

Southern Sun (DJ Tiësto remix).mp3
Heat Wave – Boogie Nights (1).mp3
malcom mclaren – hobo scratch (she’s looking like a hobo).mp3
Utada Hikaru – Simple and Clean remix(1).mp3
Roots Manuva – Witness dub.mp3
Nucleus – Jam On It.mp3
Sandpointe Park LP\06 HMHU – DDD.mp3
80’s – Falco – Der Kommissar.mp3
Trinere – I’ll be all you ever need.mp3

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