Whats in the Mix? KK Mix 2

[grandmp3 id=222 autoplay=false]

Short skirt long jacket and Big Daddy Kane don’t hang out too often in music circles… let alone Witness DUB by Roots Manuva. In my world, it’s called KK Mix 2. This one is gonna be a little rough as it came pretty early in the run… I used DDD at the beginning along with Feel the Reaper, but only as a way way bad experiment cuz this sounds pretty dischordant don’t you agree?

Okay but wait one cotton picken minute! Keep listening and something happens.. well quite by accident using the beat break I ended up with a really nice effect on BDK’s loop right about the point where Trinere comes on.. and it totally keeps me going for bit longer than I would have. resulting in some later blends that will go ahead in later versions of the KK Mix..

Of all the mixes in the series that I released, I think this one is the worst, but I left it in to show that even the worst can have a little bit of magic in it!

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