David Champion – Full Album

What is in a name? 

Identify yourself with one, or label something with another.

Names define the objects the people, the places, emotions.

David Champion.

On the surface a very bold statement.  Am I? Will I be?  Can it be so? Of what?
It is said that to be something you must first believe yourself to be, to call yourself that, to act in that way and then if you believe it to be, you are.

I am the champion.  I believe it, I know it.  I have always believed it, and I always have been.  That is something no one can take from me, nor can it be given.  This album is not about me however.  This title is not me with an ego to state what I already know.  Neither is this title to declare it to you.

Not just a Name
David Champion is the first mix I did after I finished the KK Mix series.  I wanted to concentrate on creating less dense mixes, using my own beats and laying acapella vocals on the track, live, no editing like the kk mix, but maybe a little rehearsal or sound experimentation.  So I sat down to look for some nice loops or songs to use… the first I chose was Fame by David Bowie and We are the champions by Queen.   David Champion.  Part of each making a bigger part of the other.  It didn’t sound good, but the name did.

It seemed to take a long time to make it, but in the end, it all came together in a week, with the most of it getting done in about 2 evenings in front of the PC running the tracks thru a eq and mastering them.  I did make a few adjustments for time but other than that, it’s live, mixed by me on Virtual DJ with no headphones, no monitor, no controller, just playing by ear, adjusting the beats by mouse.


File Date
1 INtro_DC 2013/09/02
2 Your Oozy Razor Tounge? 2013/09/02
3 Five times Two n Fries 2013/09/02
4 Following the Lead
Rakim - I Know you got soul, Missy Elliot - Wake Up
5 PressueCube
Roni Size - Inner City Life, War - Cisco Kid, the DOC
- Its Funky Enough, Ice Cube ft DMX - We Be Clubbin
6 Rest 2013/09/02
7 Step_In_Begiin 2013/09/02
8 Who’s Joking? 2013/09/02[grandmusic playlist=Sandpointe-Park]
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