Finally Free

I had decided that i would simply make music and not even think about the structures or tforms in the first year of doing this.  Is there any better way to test the limits or push the boundry than to not know what they are?  I was trying to help out Ruudy during that time but for some reason, he turned into such a bitch that even slapping him began to do little to quell his snide comments and jealous acttions.  All my contributions sucked, they all were not even deserving of the title music.. of course he’s telling me all of this as he is literally taking my tracks, raping them and then calling them his own.

I put everything aside that i had been doing with the guy and then in just the next couple of days, created the entire bunch of tracks here.  I started with Finally Free, which I played the piano part over the drum and synth which I’d just done, and did them all in one pass… I’d just finished a long brutal exit with Rudy, opened Mixcraft and that came out… the other tracks were all pretty much like that too.

It seemed so odd tho, the sound of these tracks.  I’d say that I am a hip hop artist or something like that… but then why does my music sound like a Kenny G bootleg?

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