Put some STANK ON IT! Who wants to Mix Forever? Me!

[grandmp3 id=332 autoplay=false]After KK Mix, i’d been laying off the turntables for a bit and working on some designs and doing mucho restoros computer … dohs… I have been installing windows 8 on al the laptops I’m refurbishing and they run so much faster with it than in XP and in most cases win 7 as well.  The only hang up this far has been a HP NC6400 that took forever to install and has run slow as molasses.   I ended up pulling the drive and memory to swap it into another 6400 I had picked up the next day.

I’ll post some info about that debacle a little later after I wake up.

For this set, I actually put some time into getting a little better sound, a little better mix, and a little better timing.  I did about 3 practice runs before this one that I would then listen to on my way to pickup my son or drop him off, or while hitting thrift row or the other little shops I frequent to find unique things to share with.

That incredible combo of Massive Attack and Kraftwerk sets the tone for the aural pleasure I was able to set up for you to try. The video up there for T D F features Boogaloo Shrimp, as Turbo from the movie Breakin. I think it’s one of the best examples of hip hop that isand so it represents my youth and all the fun times at the park, listening to the song, trying to do the best version we could of moves like those. Massive attack is just that heavy heavy bottom that sticks this mix up but good. It ain’t going anywhere… just pounding…

All the usual guys from the KK Mix series show out a little bit on this set, but a few new faces show up to add to the mix too. I’m okay with the quality of it all, It’s not perfect in the least but I’ll let you hear it.

Why is it called Who wants to Mix Forever? Well you have to listen to it and I’m sure you will figure that out on your own.

Let me know what you think!

[grandmp3 id=332 autoplay=false]

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