Royalty checks due from Skrillex and Rude Dog

Kids these days and that disco stuff all you hear is boom boom boom booom.. back in my day they had a lot of heart… more spirit… More Soul – Dr Soul by Foster McElroy -1989

Part 1
On the way over to Irvine Valley College where my son goes, I asked him to play me 1 song from what is out today.  I was feeling like okay, let me see what is up with the youth today and how awful will I think the music sounds being the fogey who is oldy to my son’s young gun full of fun persona.  He chose a song by Skrillex.

I’ve used a song or two by him in a mix here and there, but I’m not hip to the new stuff by design.  I’m, or rather, I was making tracks and beats for a while and did not want to taint my natural progressions or styles by listening to what is out these days.  I would listen I would gravitate towards making a sound like that and I didn’t want to do it.  I’d say it’s been since RLD that I’ve tuned in.

About 2 years ago, I had been working with Rude Dog, helping him get set up to produce music.  We had been hangin out for a while before we started.  I knew my way around the basics  in production from Disney days and so I took to the digital production pretty quickly and started churning out stuff.  One experimental track I started messing with was a look of Live and Let Die by Wings – From the Bond Movie.. you know the one..
[jwplayer mediaid=”372″]

I used the initial sound just that instant the BAHuuu-  that starts when you click on the video above.. just that and looped it, and put some heavy heavy filter action on it…  Check out the raw track with just some drum loops and effects going on with it…
[grandmp3 id=379 autoplay=false]

Well, I had wanted use it some how and take the time to learn how to control the count and tempo exactingly.  We were recording at my house and for some reason, I was really not into the barking coming from the living room.  By this point ego had overtaken id the assumption that somebody was in command had set into his head.  I was there set up to get some vocals from Rude Dog but he wanted us to do other things like work on certain tracks changing things that he had changed the day before back to how they were but not admitting that they were that way in the first place.. you know.. .things like that..   Instead, I took the vocals we had recorded the previous day at my house and took that sound track and pieced together this thing..
Motivate Me – HMHU – featuring Rude Dog © 2010 AV Digital Sound
[grandmp3 id=377 autoplay=false]

It isn’t much, it’s really off kilter and another example of what my formless approach does as opposed to the rigidity or inflexibility of the collaborate like I tell you mentality I was trying to help out.  I was learning, he was learning or rather, I was supposed to be trying to teach him as I learned.

What I heard yesterday by Skrillex made me “bang the steering wheel style” pseudo-upset.  The feel of his bass line and his effects and stuff remind me totally of me.  I think I remember that guy.  He hacked into my database and stole my style.. I’ll let it go for a healthy sum in royalties….   LOL

Part 2
IF he is accountable then so to shall be Raul Demonico and the Dirty Jesus for they are far more in my dish than Skrillex.  Check this out…
Cat and Mouse Demo 2009
[grandmp3 id=380 autoplay=false]
That  is a demo track I made one day with Mixcraft using a drum loop and then just playing along with it.  I did the horns and then then synth effects first then played along using my keyboard keyboard for the bassline and then added kick drum accents randomly… all very loose.  I could never get that guy to understand about the loose part.  Of course the beats weren’t perfect, the point was to listen and see where they could be and adjust to suit the mood of the developing track.  I played it for him once and we ended up jawing at each other about the stupid beats… I told him it is a good track.. he didn’t want nothin to do with it…

Cat and Mouse w Rude Dog Vocals
[grandmp3 id=381 autoplay=false]
Nothing better than an ego to sway and opinion by simply adding his voice.  This is basically the same demo, but with a couple of things moved around and his vocals added.. Vocals that when we recorded them, he erased them.  The tirade these words came from were kinda like him spouting off at the mouth about one of his friends that had “done him wrong” that night, I had deleted them, but there was a back up copy saved when I was switching files to record what actually ended up being that one song with ZZtop sample and Sammys Tune he put together.. the one with the long rant about Kobe bryant and leBron.. you Lebron….   He didn’t know it existed and I found it on my hard drive one day while going thru to delete duplicate or un-usable files.. one by one…   found alot of stuff that was good too…  when I heard it.. I immediately opened that old file from 2009 and put the demo track with his vocals together.

Cat and Mouse (KDOG RADIO Mix)
[grandmp3 id=405 autoplay=false]
By this point.. strain upon strain and just overall bitch had overcome the whole process…  when was I coming home from work, why aren’t I there yet.. I think the worst was when I handingthe phone to my girl Stephanie thinking he wanted to say hi or something and he tells her “stop taking him away from coming over here”  That’s why at that point, I had a new bitch.  This was me trying to right the tilting train before it ran off the rails completely and when it did run off the rails soon after, I washed my hands of it all, walked away and I put this on the shelf.  I love the guy, I wish him well, I even would go so far as to say I miss the guy… but I aint the one.. we ain’t the two… and as long as he spells my name right for anything he uses of things that I contributed on… I wouldn’t put any salt in the game.

2 years later…
[grandmp3 id=394 autoplay=false]
is posted oh and then again taken off facebook profile.. kinda a like a hip hop Axel Rose it’s the same ole song still being over produced into I’m not sure what.  No nod toward my contribution for this song, not one iota.

The final acrimonious banter between the two of us was something along the lines of ridiculous berating aimed toward getting me angry while I engaged in full legalese tactic, to ensure if this guy snapped at least I would have record of concise interactions and to just really up the anger on his end as well I will admit.  He was like calling me Gargamel.. forwarding the messages to his “friends” and trying to show them that this is how he treats people that are no talent idiots like me or whatever…  I challenged his insistence that he was playing a joke on me all along by responding that if it were so, then go ahead and use another program instead of the one I had been teaching him and to not use anything that I had helped him start from that day on… 2 years later and it’s the only thing close to a song that he’s put up anywhere.. Oh there is that UFO’s song too…   That is a whole nother posts… I’ll just end with  this remix I did for it..

[grandmp3 id=398 autoplay=false]

Disclaimer for things below this line on this page
These are here as informational only records and are not intended to portray anybody in anyway nor are they anything more than words placed on a page to read:

Did u really break up with me over someone else’s phone because you read something that made you all sad sweetheart?

Dont respond 2 this but do me a favr n read ur email 2morrow pleaz. Its my theraputc way of dealn w.Loss but maybe n the futur god willn u’ll undrstand. N thanx If ur not ceci bermudez pleaz stop plagerizing retardd autistc dooshbag diary pages u buy on ebay 2 quote bcuz u gambld ur dreams on it bein biggr thn googl u s
U talentless shleprock hack!

Well then I hope forward to enlightenment. I don’t know if you might crack under pressure or what but why you mad if some thing I think and expressed to a fellow friend to find out if that thought has any merit to it. Is it some body having a thought differently than think the thought u think they should be having or that i was vocal.  Should I just nod in reverence as you enter and exit a room? Dude u my bitch. I need you to come correct with your shit! Your too talented to be messing around.  You know what you want you to sound like and you need to make it sound like its coming out of your soul to be the best. If you have some one shape your sound that isn’t you it wont be your expression. Why you wanna sell yourself short by paying some one to mix a sound that doesn’t know. The music when u express has to be you when your an artist. Otherwise u just a rapper.  Didn’t u used to b an em cee?  U gotta b riza to be the king of your team. U shyhiem a.k.a. the rugged child. B riza RAUL. You know 69 percent of the info but that’s the 69 percent making 10 percent of the cut usually. U learn that 34 percent and make 103 percent of the money.
Oh will u allow rebuttal?  Or is your email one way like u want that last text you wrote? A good leader knows his teams strengths and utilizes them. You need to know what they know not tell them what you to want them to know… and utilize who they are just as much as what they can do for you.  You are my friend and your not going to change my mind bub!  Own this shit or im gonna make another album and actually get people to buy some copies.

U know dave u r byond what i can do or any1 4 that mattr can do 4 u so im not gona waste my time or thot on n email. Ur words or what u write mean nothn 2 no 1. U r not n artist by any means bcuz u’ve not suffrd anything u havnt brot upon urslf. Ur not a leadr bcuz u hav childrn or hav crackd out losers livn w.U. Evn n tryin 2 b honest w.U last week u choz 2 do what u did. Ur full of hate n u need help buddy.Dont evr do anything n life out of spite. U wont acomplish anything evr wich is y u r wher ur @. Inet s/b used 2 make $ not friends love or life changn decision Or 2 argue pointlessly cuz ur manchildhood level is set so low n u r so pathetic n weak that u hav 2 atack poor evan thru txt just 2 make u feel big.  Pleaz get bettr @ whatevr it is u think ur gona do. I gav u a chanc. But its eazy 2 place blame on othrs. I will admit i f-d up by givn u anothr chanc but u  Decided 2 do what u did fredo. Ur such a coward u’ll believ evn wuld do what u said he duz whn nfact he showd me that txt bcuz hes tired of ballless dave sndn

Spite? What is spiteful in imparting information for YOUR betterment to someone who still had a chance to help you?  You need a new drive fool! Why take your chance on one that someone is willing to part with so easily? That music is your gold your product your time, everything.  U need to guard it and keep it safe and secure. I wrote that message on THAT PHONE because clearly you had taken to writing by way of it and I knew you were gonna see it because clearly your way of being portends to such behavior patterns. It supplied poor evan with a chance to see another view as well as empowered him to get you to stop standing behind him and sticking your younger out at every one.

Thoz r 2 dave dumass! Not u! Im CCing u n a bunch of othr peopl how i treat this dooshbag n how he likes 2 get crumbd on evn aftr the nsults u’ve read! Ther lik
U hav nevr won anything n any1s eyes but urs. School duz help dave n so does a positiv atitude i pray 4 u.
Man u realy think u had a hand n this music? U r delusionl! The person im crumbn 99% OF THE TIME on is U U FUCKN DONKY! LOL! BIG BOY WORDS? REALY? F.A SMALL MAN Like u! Fuckn loser! U didnt do shit but pose 4 a pix i paintd perfctly! Giv up already. Im losin my audienc cuz now ur lookn like n ugly bitch w.No pimp. U r now immaterial! The only persn u mattr 2 now is the 1 who collex 1/2 ur chek u fuckn chump! U want mor? Cuz i got it 4 u! Ur not fuckn smart cuz u use words f.Thesaurus jrkoff! Do u hav a degree? O no thats rite. Ur smartr thn yogi n booboo n crakheads u like 2 hang out w.2 make ur Selfish souless carcass of a waste of gods creation 2 make urslf feel good. Ur wors thn my 2 bros. Combined! Smithsonian mat’l Whod a thot! Wow! Missng link! U aint no 1 2 prove anything 2 u fuckn moron! U R IMAT’L! HELLO GARGAMEL! GET A HINT! WERE N MUSIC BIZNIZ! UR NOT OR EVR WILL B! McGARGA-FLY! LMAO 4 REAL YO! Hes still validatn hmslf thru txt! Fuckin loser yo! Hes has the nerv 2 say peopl dislike me or sum shit cuz he must b runnin out of shit 2 say. Whats pathetic i

Pray? Oh wow I guess I’ve had u wrong all along.  You just a superstitious troubadour, afraid of any thoughts other than your own who didn’t get enough hugs when you were young.   Im gonna go ahead and step.  Im sure you will pray a new improved doesn’t think, doesn’t question version of me and it will come to pass. Ye be thou blessed in direction, your faithfulness in his guidance shall manifest your destiny with ensennce and miir.

I am talentless hack perhaps, but if that is so you wouldn’t have 70 to 80 percent of the music you claim as your own.  I take umbrage in your course of action as pertains to your interpersonal commutative decisions and find your demeaning and caustically laced short message system transmission last sent to be comical and succinctly dismiss-able as the lashings of a self destructive ne’er to do well overly stimulated and overindulged relic.  U think you know enough to b the man but u don’t if your dependent on others or think you or any of us can do it all.  I know most everything u know x10 plus everything u want to know and all the things you need to know, but I also know I don’t know I know things, don’t know things and maybe even will never know some things.  But what I do know,  I get the choice of how its use is implemented.  So quit being sour that I stand here willing to be your peer but never your subordinate like everyone else you surround yourself with.

Or in non big words…   whatever dude, I didn’t steal shit, proofs in the evidence and there ain’t none.  U don’t have most ur music w/o my talent.

Don’t you have work to do? Back up your files.  Be bold, meet the wind head on and reach for greatness Rudy.  I believe in you.  Even if you don’t, I do.  Bye bye birdie, my cup is up! And it is up for thee.

Prove me wrong. Make your music with something other than mixcraft ur so good.  Who u think you are my accountant or something.?  Baseless accusations hold no weight. U don’t have an avenue to travel or any idea u can hold up to bait me from ths ground I stand above thee.

Im not asking for u to prove anything to me. Only for you to be honest in your statements. If I didn’t have a hand in everything you got right now, you are using cubase or any other studio software the person doing the work that you do on your own would be using.  U did ask me to b partner, not to make music…..  u asked me to help you set you up and on your way to make your music and to that end I’ve endeavored.  That Is what I was requested to do.  Anything more was just gravy.  Gravy is bad if it isn’t served on mashed potatoes or something.  Don’t b mad cuz u ran out of gravy.

Last messages written..

B my x n leav me alone u bitch! Nope they hav mor spine thn u jellyfish!

Ok. Done. Don’t reply after you read this and you shalt need to take away from time musicking to trying to topple that which you can’t envelop or supplant.

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