Jam, it aint too much for me to Jam

We got Prince, he is so god gifted genius level talented. He just might be unbeknownst to us, the greatest guitar player. No qualifying statement… just “THE BEST GUITAR PLAYER”. Think i’m nuts? well then tell me what you think after watching this.

Then there is Aretha, she’s the queen, James Brown? He’s the King of Soul. We even got a King of All Media these days, but the King of Pop laid down his scepter due to improper care being given to him. We still don’t give him enough credit for his contribution to the lexicon of not just Pop music, but all of music, to all of entertainment, to dance, to life. He is truly a tragic figure in our society and a example of both shining achievements individually and society’s shortcomings in understanding and accepting. He was thrust in the spotlight almost at birth and was strong enough internally to keep himself and his values true to his way.

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Black and proud yet subjected to racist opinions and treatment by both sides of ignorant masses that couldn’t see past his shell and just revel in the light being shined on them by one of the greatest performers in history. Micheal Jackson.

I start this off in this way to pay tribute to the man. I’ve been re-listening to some of the more, random hits these days, in the case of this mix Scream with his sister Janet and Jam, off his Dangerous Lp. Hits, but in the vein of us having pants. We wear some out on the town and then there are ones that we work on the yard with.

The base of the mix begins with the ungodly combo of Steely Dan and Dave Matthews band. In uniting together here, these two groups fly under the radar to find love… or at least mutual respect.

Couple of servings of some Black Eyed Peas out on the table before RA comes thru on some keen angles to spice the flavor a little differently and set the mood for a Beat Box backed King I love hearing him in Jam and imagining him recording it. It becomes so interesting to listen to this art being performed by him at this stage in his life. All he knew was the studio, the craft, and he uses it all up. The sound effects and inflections don’t sound funny or trite when this is all we have left to remember him by.

[grandmusic playlist=champion-20-jam]

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