Multi CD Mixtape Style Release HMHU – Dave Champion Release Date 12-1-2012


Looking like the cyborg skeleton of his former self induced heavy self, David G – HMHU is dropping off the kids at the pool this December 1st. A long summer of mixing and into the fall and winter have brought about a unique take on mixing and mixtapes by producer HMHU. These long months he has been in seclusion while re establishing his skills in a wide variety of endeavors both musically and technically. 6 turntables using old school classics in hip hop, funk, r and b, rock, metal, dance, electronic, classical, and more combine under the live and unrehearsed handling of Dave G while he puts it all in to find the right beat, measure, count, sound or vocals to keep the track going and the crowd pumping. There are some standard themes that you will hear and enjoy hearing how they are put in the mix of all the other combined tracks to make a completely unique mix of beats and melodys. Its tough to keep count of the songs put in to each mix but when you hear the siren going off, you know it’s all 6 turntables all coming at you.

Many of the mixes already out there that might get included in the release are being leveled and Mastered, cut or adjusted for time, but what you hear is all recorded live at Sandpointe Park at the garage.

The cover is a design by Dave G that is comprised of an old photo of him that is photoshopped to death so that you can see it and a new image of him comparing his difference in size that has got to be a record for shrinking of noggin with out complete bags of saggy flesh being all up in the neck area waiting for some plastic surgeon to cut off…

The thing will be out 12-1-2012 and will be

free to listen to online
$0.50 to download mp3
$1.00 to download lossless FLAC format
$5.00 to download complete release mp3’s set in iso format
10.00 to get complete cd set with cover art and liner notes sent (plus shipping)

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