Rap God

I feel like im becoming a rap god

Rap God by Eminem
I’mMaxheadroomMpegMan not sure if it would be blocked on youtube in your country so I’m serving the video on my site, hoping you will be able to see it here..   peace in the middle east ya filthy varmint.

here is my thoughts on this vid…
max headroom rules!

at around 1:50 he starts talking about all his influences,  which is a important thing to do in a hip hop song… call out the legends… pay them respect.

He’s referencing his past at the start then he’s calling out the legends, then he goes on about his current place in hip hop, showing his awareness of self and also making the metaphors he uses more current like with the Marvel movies and such…  then he hits on the new style of rapper’s flow and does it better while he boast his skillz still on the top even tho he isnt considered as big as he was…  brilliant

but at 4:20 is about where I cream my pant’s everytime I hear this song… he performs what I think is the best 64 bars in any rap song ever.  Using the last bit of the song Supersonic by jj fadd as the starting point…   he fucking elevates to a level i’ve never expected from anyone.   So fast, so brilliant, so just…    wow.

the verse after that also is incredible.  has a great line about baking…   you will love it.